Album Cover Restoration


Good And Gone

Replacing text and image clean up
For EasyAction Records

Most LP sleeves will scan and reduce ok for use on a CD. However, in this case the re-releases were also on 12" vinyl and needed a lot of restoring and refreshing to make clean new artwork for large sized print. New tracks were also being added to the albums, so any previous tracklists and legal text had to be removed and replaced. I had the original 'Good And Gone' sleeve scanned, but we decided we liked the colours of the later release, of which I had a signed copy. The text and signatures were carefully airbrushed out and edges extended, sampling the original grainy image. The text and new tracklisting were then remade in Illustrator and applied as fresh sharp graphics over the top of the new base image.


Totally Religious

Replacing text and image clean up
For EasyAction Records

This complex sleeve presented an even bigger challenge. The intricate line drawing over the background meant it had to be recreated from scratch. Luckily the inner sleeve had a nice black and white reproduction of the drawing I was able to use to rebuild the image with. I painted a new background sampling what I could of the original. The line drawings were then overlaid in white and black layers, and new crisp text drawn up as outline art.

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