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Daler-Rowney product catalogues

Daler Rowney

Two 190-page catalogues in four languages

Working at Milestone Creative in Beaconsfield

Image retouching & finished artwork for print

I was contracted by Milestone Creative to produce the print artwork for two 190-page Daler Rowney catalogues. Each had two languages and hundreds of product shots to cut out and retouch, as well as thousands of colour swatches to organise and lay out.

I was supplied with designer's layouts for sample image and text-based pages. From these I rolled out the various sections with their own colour themes and unique paint swatch graphics across the two catalogues.

Each page had text in dual languages and required careful attention to fit copy for different countries. The thousands of various paint and pencil colour swatches had to be individually made and cross-referenced with Daler Rowney's master colours. And dozens of product images needed cutting out and colour balancing throughout.

In all, working entirely on my own, I completed both catalogues in around 6 weeks with one single round of revisions.


To promote the new catalogue we had 170 staff at Daler's headquarters each paint a small section of this complete image. It was then assembled and printed on a large wall canvas as part of the Be Creative campaign.

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