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Hyundai Car Brochures


Hyundai UK

Car brochures and marketing assets

Working at Milestone Creative in Beaconsfield

Design & layout, image retouching & finished artwork for print

Hyundai refreshed their brochure range and it became my project to develop a new look and feel for the brand's UK market.

For the brochure covers I referenced a section of the logo to make the curved sweep, and frosted the background image in that area to make the cars pop off the page.

As was the case with all of these covers, the car had to be cut out of the image, and the background and road given motion blur to make the static shots more dynamic.

For the Range cover individual top-down shots of the cars were coloured in Photoshop and collaged together to make a metallic fleet effect.


Image Retouching


Apart from cutting out cars to change backgrounds, and cutting out bodywork to make sample paint range images, there were also some quite challenging Photoshop jobs. 


In this example, the client wanted to show the roomy interior of the Getz, but without the central pillar obscuring the view. Doors were removed from the car and individual shots taken. I stitched the two together and carefully removed the pillars and painted the missing seat and floor parts back in.

Hyundai retouching original photos
Hyundai retouching finished image
HY_Coupe cutout.png
Hy Coupe spread purple.jpg
Hy Coupe spread.jpg
Hy Getz poster copy.jpg
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