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The Star Dwellers

Star Dwellers Full Width.jpg

Large scale model spaceship

From the James Blish novel of the same name. Original artwork by Colin Hay.

Build prep 1.jpg

I've long been a fan of sci-fi book cover art, and one of my all-time favourite images has always been this 1978 image by Colin Hay for the James Blish novel, 'The Star Dwellers'. It also featured in the Stewart Cowley book 'Spacewreck'. 

I took it upon myself to build a 60cm scale model of the spacecraft, and contacted the artist, Colin Hay, for permission and insights for it's construction. I began by making several small paper models to get the shape right.

Self portrait with ship.jpg
Certificate image.png
Spacewreck Book spread.png
Build prep 3.jpg
Build prep 2.jpg

Below is a slideshow of the build, detailing the various stages of construction.

Images of the finished spaceship.

Star Dwellers reverse hero.jpg
Star Dwellers rear view.jpg
Star Dwellers Cockpit.jpg
Star Dwellers top left.jpg
Star Dwellers Main View.jpg
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