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creative artwork

Fizz & IMP20

New products for ImpJar E-Liquids

Two new ranges of liquids - Fizz and IMP20

IMP20 Summer Fruits Box Bottle.png
IMP20 Apple Raspberry Box Bottle.png

This project, in collaboration with Creative Director Bruno Tilley, involved me helping concept and design the logos, developing the pack designs, producing the finished pack artworks, and creating 3D models and animations for web, print posters and social media animations.

Fizz is a five-flavour range of lemonade inspired fruit flavours, for which we created a bubbly pack and bottle.

IMP20 was inspired by the J2O fruit drinks available in all pubs as mixers.

A1 and A2 size print posters for both ranges.

For Instagram I created a video of animated bubbles in Cinema 4D for the Fizz campaign.

Further ranges include collaborations with four of the top-selling vape brands, under the umbrella of ImpJar.
For a teaser campaign I created this magician's blanket covering the featured brands for Instagram.

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