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Disposable Pro vape device

Disposable Pro - Vape Minds

3D images and animations - Print Artwork

When Vape Minds decided to produce their own vaping device, I was asked to produce 3D models and renders of the finished item. Working with Creative Director Bruno Tilley I was involved in making logos, print artwork, and 3D rendered images and animations for promotion and social media.

DP Pro Hero Lit Button.png
DP Pro Hero Side View.png
DP Liquids Black Lids.jpg
Disp Pro 3D Model_prototype.jpg

My first attempt, based on small photographs of the actual device. It was difficult to see any detail so everything within the clear plastic top was guessed at. Eventually the manufacturer supplied their own 3D model which you see in the main images at top. It was untextured so I had to add the various metal and plastic textures and apply the branding.

DP Refill Carry Case.png
DP MAX Hero Lit Angled.png

A larger tank version was also introduced later on.

DP MAX Hero Side.png
DP MAX Refill & Bottle.png

3D Carry Case and Refill Tank

Promo video I animated for the Disposable Pro. Showing the individual parts of the fill tank, and how it screws together with the battery, and the On button lighting up.

Screenshot refill tank.png
Screenshot DP & Earth.png
DP Outer Box_PRINT.png
DP Refills Box_PRINT.png

I did the artwork for the packaging for the device and refill tanks. Also an A5 promo leaflet, below.

DP Pro Promo Leaflet_PRINT_1.jpg

I helped design and create the print artwork for a tall floor standing and counter top display units.

DP CDU CounterTop.png
DP Pro Promo Leaflet_PRINT-2.png
DP CDU Floorstanding.png

And finally some designs and finished artwork for exhibition stands for trade shows.

Stand 3qtr view high.jpg
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