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Hasbro K'NEX packaging

KNeX logo.png
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Hasbro K'NEX

Image retouching & creative artwork for a range of assorted box packs

I was contracted by Milestone Creative in Beaconsfield to help out with a huge range (50+ packs) of Hasbro K'NEX toy boxes. Their creative director had produced master pack designs from which we applied artwork to a wide range of box types and sizes. Most product shots required careful cutting out to place on coloured backgrounds. And the nature of K'NEX parts is that they are full of holes, so this was no mean task! Working to Hasbro-supplied box templates we had to fit the designs to differing shapes of pack and adhere to four sub-ranges for style.

KNEX Harrier flat.png
KNEX Slammers Green.png
KNEX Slammers Yellow.png
KNEX quad front.jpg
KNEX shuttle pack flat.jpg
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