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The Screaming Blue Messiahs

Vision in Blues - Box Set


Vision In Blues

Remastered Box Set containing 6 CDs, 7" vinyl single & 24 page booklet for EasyAction Records

If you've seen my Blue Heaven site, you'll know I'm a lifelong fan of 80's power blues trio The Screaming Blue Messiahs. I was initially contacted by EasyAction Records for info and rare track advice, then asked to design the entire package. Six albums were remastered with extra tracks. This also required six remastered album artworks as scanning original LP sleeves gave scrappy results. All sleeves were heavily retouched to clean up the images and remove all text. This was then replaced with new crisp lettering and the extended tracklists. You can see a step-by-step account of a sleeve reconstruction here. The 7" single needed an original sleeve design and the booklet went through two re-writes and layouts. 

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