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ImpJar E-Liquids


ImpJar E-Liquids

3D mock-ups and animations, print artwork

ImpJar is a new range of e-liquids devised by Vape Minds. With Creative Director Bruno Tilley, I was tasked with creating 3D product mock-ups, print artwork, exhibition stands and advertising materials. The range started out at 20 flavours, in 50ml and 10ml bottles, then expanded to 25 and finally 30 flavours.

ImpJar Range Circle.jpg
ImpJar Range Curve.png


I assisted with designing the packs for 50ml and 10ml ranges, then supplied all 90 pack artworks and 90 labels.

ImpJar 50ml BoxBottle Banana.png
ImpJar 50ml BoxBottle Blueberry Sour Raspberry.png
ImpJar 50ml BoxBottle Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava.png
ImpJar Mini BoxBottle Pink Lemonade.png
ImpJar Mini BoxBottle Spearmint.png
ImpJar Mini BoxBottle Triple Melon.png
ImpJar 50ml Pack Banana.png
ImpJar 50ml pack Blueberry Sour Raspberry.png
ImpJar Mini Pack Lemon & Lime.jpg
ImpJar Mini Pack Energy Ice.jpg
ImpJar 10ml Cartons.png


I did 3D mock-ups and print artwork for 10-pack cartons for the 10ml range.

Counter Display Units

Two CDU's were designed and mocked-up in 3D for ImpJar. One in white card and the other in translucent orange plastic.

ImpJar_GeekVape CDU_1.jpg
ImpJar_GeekVape CDU_2.jpg
ImpJar GeekVape CDU Orange_3.jpg
ImpJar GeekVape CDU Orange_2.jpg
ImpJar GeekVape CDU Orange_1.jpg

Advertising - Social Media

Posters, leaflets, brochures, video, Ebay & web ads, social media posts.

Again I produced all 3D imagery and finished artwork.

ImpJar 5 New Flavours poster green.jpg
ImpJar 5 New Flavours A3 Poster.jpg
ImpJar New Flavours Poster Banana.jpg
ImpJar Just Arrived Social Ad Strawberry Raspberry Cherry.jpg
ImpJar 5 New Flavours social ad.jpg
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