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Meet Your Death - Tracking The Dog

Groovy cover version from this Texas outfit. 


Will the real Bill Carter please stand up?


I come a cross this all the time online – people asking or saying that Bill Carter recorded with Johnny Depp and Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers. Well, technically yes, but it’s an entirely different Bill Carter.

The Carter in question hails from Texas and has performed with various bands like The Blame, and joined Depp and Haynes in the band P to make a record and do some shows. Tragically they were onstage at The Viper Room on the night River Phoenix passed away there.



On SBMFM radio above are Tracking The Dog, live on BBC Radio 6, 12 February 1988, and Accident Prone, live off the sound desk, Australia 1986 from the Sound Desk Sampler.

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