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The Small Brothers

Got The Hurt

7" single 1980 Albion (ION 1003)

A-Side: 1. Got The Hurt 

B-Side: 1. Love and Murder  2. Baby Mine

Produced by Pat Collier at Alaska Studios, London.

All songs written by Bill Carter.

Etched on the A-Side is 'Drive Friendly' and etched on the B-Side 'Get Carter'.

MBM Drive Friendly big.jpg

Motor Boys Motor

Drive Friendly

7" single 1980

SHH Four Records (SSH 4)

Produced by Pat Collier

A-Side: Drive Friendly (Carter/Moon/Thompson)

B-Side: Fast 'n' Bulbous / Grow Fins (Don Van Vliet)


Line-up consists of Chris on bass, Tony Moon on vocals for the A-Side and Bill on vocals on the B-Side. Oh, and Bill's on drums as well and did the cover artwork!


Lineup Tony Moon: vocals, harp, horn, jaw / Bill Carter: guitar / Chris Thompson: bass, acoustic and slide guitar / John Kingham: drums, percussion. Seamus Beaghen plays Hammond on 'Clean Shirt And A Shave'.

A great lost album and several hints of things to come with the Messiahs. Obviously the Flintstone song title, but also some lyrics from 'Drive Friendly' appear again on the Totally Religious track 'Nitro' ("She's black and evil with chrome all down the side"). Moon's stream-of-consciousness ranting vocal style will sound familiar too.

Motor Boys Motor

Motor Boys Motor

LP 1982 Albion (ALLP 4.00043)

Produced by John Brand at The Workhouse, Old Kent Road, London. Engineerd by John Brand and Rik Walton.

All songs written by Motor Boys Motor.

Side One:

1. Drive Friendly (3:07)

2. Hooves (3:55)

3. Here Come the Flintstones (3:02)

4. Yes Indeedy (3:07)

5. Clean Shirt and a Shave (5:12)

Side Two:

1. Sacred Pie (2:14)

2. Little Boy and Fat Man (3:14)

3. One Down, One Down (3:02)

4. Claw Boys Claw (3:09)

5. Freeze Up The Truth (7:05)


Robyn Hitchcock

Eaten By Her Own Dinner

7" single 1982

Midnight Music Ding 2

Recorded November 1981

A-Side: 1. Eaten By Her Own Dinner

B-Side: 1. Listening To The Higsons  2. Dr. Sticky

Bill and Chris play on the title track on side one.


The Sounds / WEA

Christmas Cracker

7" single December 1985 WEA International (CRACKER 1)

Given away free with Sounds Magazine, UK


1: The Screaming Blue Messiahs - Twin Cadillac Valentine

2: Sudden Sway - Fatherized


1: The Associates - Breakfast (Recorded Live At Ronnie Scotts)

2: Brilliant (Killing Joke project) - Subtle Manoeuvres


The Sounds Machine


7" single 1988 (MACH 2)

Given away free with Sounds Magazine, UK


1: Living Colour - Open Letter (To A Landlord) (Live)

2: The Screaming Blue Messiahs - Sweet Water Pools


1: Queensrÿche - Revolution Calling

2: Voivod - Too Scared To Scream


King Blank

Mouth Off

12" promo single 1988 Situation Two (SIT 51)

Recorded at The Greenhouse, January 1988

A-Side: Mouth Off (2.03)

B-Side: 1. Drunk on Tears 2. Bagman


Mouth Off is co-written and produced by Bill. It features Bill on guitar and harmonica, Chris on bass and Kenny on drums. 


Dynamo Hum

Four Cute Creatures

10" EP 1991 Shagrat (005)

All tracks written by Thompson/Moon

Produced by Pat Collier

Side One: 1. Shake Marilyn Monroe  2. Drunken Angel

Side Two: 1. Head Hive and the Honey  2. Ball that Jack


Chris Thompson guitars, vocals / Tony Moon vocals, harp /

Ricky McGuire bass / Kenny Harris drums

This selection of songs have made their way through three band names and four different album covers! See below...

Etched on the record are the messages 'Dedicated to the memory of Lee Brilleaux' and 'Love is a Cadillac and Death is a Ford'.

Killer Bs Red.jpg

The full album 'Love is a Cadillac Death is a Ford' is now available for FREE download on Chris's new HeadHive website.

The Killer Bs

Love is a Cadillac Death is a Ford

CD 1992 Cat Music 001

All tracks written by Thompson/Moon. Produced by Pat Collier.

1. Liar Liar (3.42)

2. Colour Me Go (4.11)

3. Bad Ju Ju (3.16)

4. Clam Digger (2:44)

5. Head Hive and the Honey (4.40)

6. Jack Kerouac Kinda Day (3:47)

7. Grown So Ugly (2:22)

8. Drunken Angel (3:35)

9. Shake Marilyn Monroe (3.56)

10. Low Watt Light (3:11)

11. Ball That Jack (3:44)

12. Killer's Kiss (4.19)

Tracks on the Dynamo Hum release identical to those on The Killer B's album. Tony Moon and Kenny Harris later leave. Chris takes over vocal duties and Dave Morgan is brought in on drums.


Bill Carter

MySpace demos

1995 - 2005 on his MySpace page but long deleted

Sim Sala Bim Bam (3.51) Recorded 1995 

To The Promised Land (3.05) Recorded 1995 

Motorhead (2.24) Recorded 2000 

Treetops Surrender (3.08) Recorded 2005


Bill Carter: guitar and vocals / Sarah Corina: bass / JJ Johnson: drums

These tracks are some of 25 plus that were recorded at Gravity Shack Studios in London, and the first two were later released in 2019 under the name The Dead Sea Scrolls. These are currently available for download on the iTunes Store (search 'Sim Sala Bim Bam' within iTunes app) or on Apple Music and Amazon.



Playing now is Love and Murder by The Small Brothers, and Jack Kerouac Kinda Day by The Killer Bs/HeadHive.

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